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I will keep this site up through the summer, however the new one is up and running. :)



Need a summer reading suggestion?


Check-out what's on Oprah's summer reading list.




Maybe you would prefer a classic?

Check-out this site that lists 99 books every university student should read.




Another list, the best of 2008, from Goodreads.

There are some really good books on this list. A bit of something for everyone really.


This is probably the coolest thing I have ever used (okay, hyperbole, but it is pretty neat)...


You can make your own web browser toolbar! Go to Conduit and make one for free!


If you really want to be cool go and download the one I made just for my students (just click on the toolbar and it will re-direct you):




It works with Firefox, IE & Safari.

It has a button (the little schoolhouse) to take you straight to this site,

plus a really cool messaging feature whereby I can send out messages and you don't have to check your e-mail to see them.


I will add more content throughout the summer and post updates here.  Because you will be using this site so much I highly recommend installing this handy tool!


Look at some interesting photos from Flikr via a very cool (no pun intended) interface: Cooliris

You might even get an idea for a weekly reader assignment here!



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